Rocky’s specializes in all Natural E-Liquids. All of our E-Liquids are “Propylene Glycol Free”. We use only Natural Ingredients. USDA Certified Organic & Natural Flavors, Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin (VG), & USP Grade Pure Pharmaceutical Nicotine. Rocky’s is dedicated to providing all Natural, quality E-Liquids that meet the highest industry standards. Free of Propylene Glycol, Diacetyl, food coloring, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Our 100% Vegetable Glycerin base is both Certified Organic and USP Pharmaceutical Grade. All of our E-Liquids are manufactured & bottled in our U.S. Certified ISO 7 laboratory. At Rocky’s, we provide our customers with E-Liquids manufactured professionally, according to verified standards focused on consumer protections and fantastic product craftsmanship. Rocky’s is a all American company based in Ohio, using only the highest quality fresh ingredients. Rocky’s is a true 100% Natural E-Liquid!


Organic e-liquid for vape

Since it’s inception in 2012, Rocky’s has become a top manufacturer of organic and naturally flavored e-liquids for the electronic cigarette industry. Rocky’s continues to set world standards, leading the all natural e-liquid revolution with our USDA certified organic & natural flavors.

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